About the Exhibition

The artists in this traveling exhibition come from different backgrounds and work in an array of mediums. While the work may appear varied, a new sincerity, or post-ironic perspective is evident in each artist’s approach, and is the common thread in the curating of this exhibition. Some of these artists choose to reject postmodernism and irony completely, striving toward work that is simply earnest and sincere, while others work their way through irony to find themselves in a new type of sincerity.  For example, the work of Kevin Loecke and Stephen Eakin directly reflects their personal stories and outlooks, utilizing a high sensitivity to aesthetics and craft, with a highly personal sensibility in their content.  Heather Garland and Yasamin Keshtkar take a slightly different but nonetheless personal approach, routing their childhood and upbringing through the lens of painting’s recent history in search of an intimate connection with the viewer.

The artists in this show have decided to embark on an extended experiment; to remain in conversation with one another while their work tours galleries around the U.S. over the next year. While the show will always feature the same eight artists, it can change, art pieces can be replaced, openings can become performances or remain static according to venue and location, but the work will revolve around the idea of sincerity in the art world.  Artists from the show will act as liaisons for the entire group in many cases, and will cooperate with traditional galleries as well as less traditional venues.


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